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Is it possible for porn to depict lovemaking rather than just sex?
The answer is yes! Porn doesn't have to be all about meaningless, unrealistic sex. At For The Girls, you'll find thousands of photos of couples making love together.

You know what I'm talking about: there's kissing, eye contact, a real sense of intimacy and shared pleasure.

Sure, it's hardcore too, but that doesn't mean it can't also be a little bit realistic and sensual. For The Girls knows you want to see hot guys, and women enjoying themselves during sex.

For The Girls knows that porn CAN be about making love!
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Women's Erotica Club

I know what I want. I want hardcore sex.

But I want it with a woman's pleasure in mind.
I want it with kissing, and foreplay, and afterglow
as well as oral sex and hardcore fucking.

I want to be aroused, thrilled, left breathless.

I want to see passionate, erotic, hardcore sex.

That's why I've created the Women's Erotica Club
Because I know you want to see these things too.

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